Bubbles or in a bubble?

As the old Chinese curse has it: may you live in interesting times.  Like it or not we are certainly living in interesting times at the moment. With the extraordinary political uncertainty, poverty and homelessness, the damage that humanity is inflicting upon the planet and natural systems that we live with, as well as personal difficulty and hardship, it is perhaps on occasion tempting to slip into a bubble mentality rather than tackle these big issues.  At this time of year, the bubble may well be filled with tinsel, good cheer and most likely bubbles too, however one’s own trail is invariably the best path, albeit a potentially uncomfortable one (at least initially). During times of change; globally, professionally or personally, things get uncomfortable before they get more comfortable again (actually just the brain saying something is new, so fear not).

It is easy to get caught up in the past, a long time ago, the past year or maybe even just the last quarter, lamenting issues, business transactions, relationships, mistakes or poor judgement. However, giving away our energy and thoughts of today, to days and events that no longer exist means that we lose sight of our true power and purpose. In so doing, we lose sight of the truth that we are free to change, refine, improve or enhance ourselves at any moment, if we choose to.

What about the successes, the great relationships, the good decisions, the joy, the achievements and the obstacles that you have overcome?

The power of a moment, now if you like, is immeasurable.  It can propel you to success and happiness or failure and misery.

It’s when we continue to look into the box of yesterday or last year or ten years ago that we can feel depressed, trapped, and defeated.

I’m giving you a gift, please indulge me and your imagination, , a large box wrapped with paper and tied with a ribbon. As with the best children’s stories and during the season of magic, you look inside the box and think that nothing is in there, unless you choose to see it.  Your skills, your talents, your character, that you do have the power to make a change.

Embrace the only day in which you have any power. Today!

We can dream a little and then think very specifically about what we would like to happen in 2019.

Make a plan for your successes and goals, whatsoever they are for you and make sure your actions reflect that plan.

Desire and positive thinking is all-powerful however it is the actions and the behavior, which will make those goals and dreams happen and facilitate change.

Today is a new day.

Don’t let your past interfere with your present. Learn from it so that it can empower you now.

I wish you and yours a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

See you soon.

My warmest wishes,


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