Kids scream…

 ‘I just want to scream,’ cried the main character of a TV drama during a slight spat. 

 To which the co-lead replied ‘Maybe you should. Kids scream all the time. And then they’re happy the rest of the time. And adults, we just try to keep everything stuffed in a box that explodes every once in a while, and hurts people.’

 Well, ain’t that the truth, I couldn’t help but think as I watched on. We could do with learning a lot from children… 

The series is Catastrophe and, if like me, you’re late to that particular party – it’s a slightly dark (and not for everyone) brilliant gritty and raw comedy about  – well – grown up life. 
Currently whichever way we choose to look, we’d be forgiven for perhaps thinking there’s catastrophe at every turn; the war in Ukraine,  the utter horror in Gaza, widespread human suffering, impossibly soaring global debt not to mention our diminishing natural habitat and rising temperatures. 
But as the wonderful Benjamin Zephaniah, RIP, said ‘ Nothing is as it seems. Seeing is not believing. Sometimes… you have to feel, touch, experience…  and use your intelligence. ‘

In a fractured world that has a lot of scared, dispossessed and desperate people in it, we need the combined power of our compassion, love and intelligence. Outstanding individuals and organisations are busting a gut to do the right thing and facilitate change. It has and continues to be humbling and a privilege to work alongside some of them. 

It’s important, I believe, to also celebrate all the positive things going on in the world –  the kindness and care, the coming together of communities, the many incredible advancements and numerous discoveries happening all over the world. 

This year we have cleaned a tiny bit of ocean, supported Crisis and made a donation to Hope for Tomorrow, an incredible charity that brings mobile cancer care units into the community in huge trucks. They’re manned by incredible NHS nurses… they could be angels? 

Howsoever you celebrate this festive season, have a wonderful time, bask in the joy of the small things and if you need to, a scream (or talking with someone)  can be quite cathartic…
See you in the New Year. 
With love and light, 

Kate Tojeiro is an Executive Coach & Mentor to executives and leaders across the world from Fortune 500 and FTSE 250 companies through to small cutting edge start-ups,  an Advisory Board member at Hybrid Air Vehicles, author of The Art of Possible and an Ambassador for  Child Of

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