Limited Edition

Being told you’re weird is something like being called a limited edition; rare, sought after and, by definition, not seen that often. I believe everyone is a limited edition.  Life experience, conditioning, education, other’s expectations, pressure, fear, and angst can put wrappers around that individuality which flourishes if given space and opportunity. 

I have had the privilege of working with some incredible businesses this year that truly believe in their people, their potential and everything that they are. Some are on the journey to genuinely provide that space for people– to thrive – and to fail – by encouraging risk-taking which is founded upon judgement, trust and being attuned internally and externally. The rewards and the losses are embraced. Of course, let’s not forget that sometimes being ‘weird’ scares people a bit too. 
The greatest leaders, activists and thinkers that have truly made an impact to humanity and the world for the better, have all been a bit weird and limited editions for sure. But this is exactly what set them apart and enabled them to make a difference. 
More importantly perhaps when leaders genuinely embrace difference, true diversity and inclusion in every sense prospers, teams and businesses are stronger for it, along with a much more robust bottom line.
When the weird get going, the weird turn pro!
It’s the time of year when that magical film Love Actually (my favourite) comes into its own.  ‘If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling that love actually is all around.’
We are living in a world of volatility and uncertainty and someone who knows more about this than most is Professor Lucy Easthope, a wonderful woman. She is Senior Fellow of the Emergency Planning College and Research Affiliate at the Joint Centre for Disaster Research, one of the world’s leading authorities on Emergency Planning following a major disaster or catastrophe; fires, floods, chemical spillages, terrorist attacks, the pandemic to name a few.  On being asked her best tips on leadership, she answered ‘when you get a fallow moment, embrace it, whether it’s five minutes or a few hours and …‘ She paused. ‘Always tell the people you love that you love them. ‘
With love and light to you and yours, the weird ones and those newly embracing their weird. Have a magical festive season and wishing you hope, opportunity, and a healthy, happy, joyous and successful 2023. 

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